The IIASL is excited to announce the release of our new website:

The new website enables us to better showcase and promote the Leiden-Sarin International Air Law Moot Court Competition, reach a larger audience and get more people involved with this unique event. The website offers a secured environment called ‘My Case’ where participants can find the overall schedule, an overview of their pleading sessions and the related (case) documents.

You can now sign up for our email updates, download the ‘app’, or become an ambassador for our cause and promote the Competition as a National Point of Contact. We are also looking for sponsors so that we can continue to organize this competition for many years to come.

Visit our website to learn more and let us know what you think!

A couple of weeks ago, we have decided to move forward with our back-up plan for an online Moot Court Competition. On 19 and 20 May 2021, sixteen teams from around the world will argue their case in a series of online rounds, in an attempt to secure a place in the grand finale on 21 May.

Moving the Competition online poses additional challenges, not the least with regards to the various time zones that we need to take into account. Nonetheless, we remain committed to providing a forum for like-minded students and professionals and see this as an opportunity to re-connect with you online. We are working out the details and expect to have more information available to you in early April at the latest.

This is to inform you that the International Air Law Moot Court of 2021 will take place online. This means that teams that qualify for the International Round will plead the moot court online. Please be reminded that this announcement is sent for information purposes only.

With this announcement, please see attached the Supplementary Rules for the Online Moot Court 2021. Further details which the Supplementary Rules might not be providing will be communicated in due course. In the meantime, should you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Today, the International Institute of Air and Space Law is excited to release the Compromis for the 12th International Air Law Moot Court in 2021. The case revolves around an endangered aircraft and the responsibility of air navigational facilities and can be found here.

A lot has happened this past year, but together with our co-founder, the Sarin Memorial Legal Aid Foundation, we are cautiously looking ahead to brighter times. We remain committed to bringing together like-minded students and professionals who share a passion for air law.

Our goal is to have an international round in-person in May 2021, if possible, but with a virtual back-up plan if public health measures and travel restrictions so require. Our hosting partner of last year, AEROHELP, has agreed to assess at the end of this year the possibility of organizing an in-person event in the second half of May 2021 in St. Petersburg, Russia.

We welcome teams from around the world to take up this challenge and ask to spread this invitation to universities, educational partners and students in your network. The deadline for registration is 10 November 2020.